The secrets of completing a physical education essay

Physical education is education through the physical body. The main aim of the subject is to develop the knowledge of movement and physical competence of each student. There is more to physical education then playing sports. Students learn about the scientific elements of the human body and its capabilities. There is a strategy to writing an essay, and if you follow it, you are sure to get that A grade each and every time. Here are the secrets of completing a physical education essay.

  • Gather your research materials
    Before you do anything you need your research materials because this is what you are going to base your essay upon. You should use a variety of reference materials such as newspapers, academic journals, textbooks and magazines. Go through your sources and take note of all the quotes, statistics and facts that you are going to use to write your essay. Make sure that you place a mark on each page so that you can easily go back to the information once you start writing your essay.
  • Work backwards
    This doesn’t mean that you start writing the conclusion first; it means that you have a definite plan for the direction that you want your essay to go in. When you know where you are going it is easier to get there. Your plan should include exactly what you are going to include in your introduction, main body and your conclusion.
  • Introduction
    Students spend the least time and effort on the introduction because they are unaware of the fact that it is the most important part of the essay. The introduction is where you hook the reader so that they are encouraged to keep reading. You should always start your introduction with a powerful statement, quote, statistic of interesting fact because this will draw the reader into the text. Your introduction should also include your thesis statement and discuss how you intend on writing the essay.
  • Main body
    Your main body is made up of three paragraphs detailing your main arguments. You only need to discuss one argument in each paragraph making sure that each statement is backed up with evidence from your research material. The first paragraph should be your most powerful argument; your second paragraph the second and the third paragraph the least strongest argument.
  • Conclusion
    Your conclusion is equally as important as your introduction, it is important that they complement each other. You should tie up your main arguments and use this opportunity to really bring home the point of your essay. You should end the conclusion with a powerful statement, statistic, interesting fact, or quotation to evoke an emotional reaction in the reader.
  • Final thought
    The more you spend time practicing essay writing the better you will become at it. You can ask your teacher to provide you with education essay topics so that you can write essays outside of your homework and classroom time. It is essential that you do not underestimate the importance of education essay because it might come up as an exam question. Therefore, make sure you have practiced beforehand.