A collection of great personal experience essay ideas

The personal essay is not the same as the formal essay. In the personal essay, you are writing about your own experiences and you are not required to prove an argument or a thesis statement. The only formal element is to introduce the theme and the subject. It is based on personal experience, personal opinion, your feelings and emotions.

The personal essay has a conversational tone, a lose structure and it is typically written in the first person. You can write about any topic, subject or personal experience, it is required to have a universal theme and it should end with a major point. If you are passionate about a certain subject, this is the time to really get your point across and gain the full attention of your reader.

If are struggling to find a topic to write about, here are some personal experience essay ideas.

  1. Write about a friend you have now who was once your enemy. What experiences did you learn from this transition?
  2. Describe a situation or an event that made you realize that you were maturing.
  3. Were you raised in a poor, middle class or wealthy environment? How did it make you feel growing up as a child and what were your coping mechanisms?
  4. Write about a trip or a vacation that didn’t go as well as anticipated.
  5. Who was the person that you admired and respected the most whilst growing up? What was it about them that caught your attention?
  6. What was the worst punishment you ever received as a child? Looking back on it now do you think that it was justified?
  7. What are your thoughts on the issue of racism in the United States? If you had been born during the civil rights era do you think you would have been in agreement with the segregation laws?
  8. Describe a time when you failed to achieve a goal. Did you learn any lessons from this experience?
  9. What musical composition, novel or poem has been the greatest influence on your life and your viewpoint of the world? Discuss your reasons for this choice.
  10. Describe the one experience or series of events that completely changed your life?
  11. If you could go back in time and change one experience in your life what would it be?
  12. If you had the ability to travel into the past, what time period would you like to visit and why?
  13. In your opinion what was the most important social or political movement of the 20th century? What are the reasons behind your decision?
  14. Choose a famous quote that provides an accurate definition of who you are, explain the reasons why the quotation defines you so accurately?
  15. What invention do you think has had the most negative impact on the world? What are your reasons for this choice?

This collection of personal experience essays should provide you with a good reference point to start writing. The more you write essay on personal experience, the easier it will become to write them. You should aim to write a minimum of one essay about personal experience each week outside of your homework and classroom time so that you have mastered the required strategies and techniques by the time exam season comes around.