What it takes to compose an interesting essay about immigration

As with all things in life there is a specific strategy to writing an essay that I think most people are aware of. However, when you are writing about a boring subject such as immigration your main aim should be making the essay as interesting as possible so that you don’t bore your teacher!

Immigration has been a major topic of discussion in the United States since 2001 when the September 11th attacks took place. It is a controversial issue that can offend people. If you want to make your essay about immigration more interesting, click to read some tips:

  • Include stories from the newspaper
    There are a plethora of newspaper articles on the subject of immigration. You talk about recent events as well as events from the past. All libraries have a catalogue of old newspaper articles that you can use. By including relevant stories you are connecting theoretical concepts to real life situations and it shows the reader that you have an interest in current events.
  • Stick to interesting words and phrases
    In this article, you will notice that there are a lot of “you’s” floating around. This is great for an article or a blog post but it won’t work in an essay. You should also avoid using cliché statements and stick to words and phrases that are appealing and will engage the reader. Here are some words that you should avoid:
    • Some
    • That
    • Things
    • To be verbs
  • Show your personality
    When you are writing an illegal immigration essay find something that really interests you about the subject and write passionately about it. Contrary to popular belief, the true purpose of an essay is to reveal the students individual personality. When you are excited about what you are writing, the reader will be too.

It is a good idea to practice writing essays outside of classroom and homework time. If you can incorporate this discipline into your daily routine you will greatly improve your essay writing skills. You can ask your teacher for some immigration essay topics to get you started.