Basic instructions for crafting an essay about human rights

The issue of human rights is a controversial one that is constantly discussed on a worldwide stage. The European Convention for Human Rights is responsible for protecting the human rights of the majority of the world. Every country that has signed the treaty must conform to all standards and any violations could lead to a hefty fine.

Here are some basic instructions for crafting an essay about human rights.

  • Research materials
    There are plenty of research materials on the issue of human rights. You can make your essay a lot more appealing by incorporating current events. Over the last ten years the media has been overtaken by human rights issues so you won’t have any trouble finding articles. You can also use the traditional research sources such as textbooks and academic journals for your essay on human rights.
  • Introduction
    Your introduction is the most important part of the essay. This is where you introduce the reader to the main idea of the essay and where you hook and entice them to continue reading. You can start with a powerful quote, statistic or interesting fact to engage the audience. The introduction is also where you present your thesis statement. A bad introduction can leave a sour taste in the mouth of your reader who is going to be your professor the person marking your essay! Therefore it is important that you get it right.
  • Main Body
    The main body is where you will expand on your argument and prove your thesis statement. Every point that you make should be backed up by credible sources, if not your argument becomes invalid and that will bring your grades down. There should be three paragraphs in this section made up of three arguments starting with the most powerful and descending to the least.
  • Conclusion
    Your conclusion is just as important as your introduction so make sure that you put the same amount of effort into it. This is where you present your closing arguments and leave your teacher with no choice but to agree with you and give you an A grade. To really solidify your position, you can end your conclusion with a powerful quote, statistic, or interesting fact.
  • Final thought
    It is essential that you master the art of essay writing because you have a one hundred percent chance of having to write more than one for your final exams. You should make time outside of the classroom to ensure that you have perfected the art of writing essays. You can ask your professor for some human rights essay topics to get you started with your out of the classroom practice.