Gender stereotypes essay writing tips and examples

Students who are focused on their future have a desire to become the best that they can be at the level that they are at. Mastering a craft only comes through diligent hard work, sacrifice and practise. Gender stereotypes is a controversial and interesting subject, the basic definition is a generalization about the roles that each gender plays in society. These roles are either positive or negative; they are also controversial because of how inaccurate they can be. Every human being has their own individual thoughts, desires, and feelings despite their gender which makes the stereotypes and gender roles way too simplistic and it is not possible to ascribe them to an entire gender.

Despite the fact that the majority of people agree that stereotypes cannot be applied to everyone, a lot of people still make assumptions that are based on these gender stereotypes. An example is that all women have a desire to get married and have children and that all men are sports fans. Issues such as these should be challenged in a gender stereotypes essay. Here are some helpful hints and tips for writing an essay on gender roles and stereotypes.

  • Read other essays
    There have been thousands, perhaps millions of essays written on the subject of gender stereotyping especially during the feminism era. It is important that you read essays previously written on the subject for several reasons. First, to give you an idea on the kind of information you should discuss and second to enhance your writing skills. You should attempt to read a range of essays including of academics and of your peers. You should also read essays on different subjects because other disciplines apply different methods of arguing and presenting an argument so the broader your reading range, the more techniques you will pick up to enable you to write an effective essay.
  • Build your vocabulary
    It is essential that you are continuously expanding your vocabulary so that you can express yourself in a clear and concise manner. There are several methods that you can use to enhance your vocabulary:
    1. Read: When you are reading to build your vocabulary you should read a wide variety of literature including literary works, novels, newspapers and magazines. The more you read the more words you will become familiar with. As you discover new words you should try and determine what the word means by looking at it in the context of the sentence and then look in the dictionary.
    2. Learn words daily: You can use a word a day website to assist you in building your vocabulary. This is a really good technique for learning new random words that you did not choose for yourself.
    3. Play word games: This is a powerful vocabulary building technique. The competitive nature of the game will challenge you to learn new words. You can play the games alone by downloading them onto your phone or you can play with a friend.
    4. Research: Your teacher wants to see that you have researching your subject. When you are writing a gender equality essay it is essential that you refer to several different sources to demonstrate your ability to conduct effective research.
  • Final thought
    The more that you practise writing essays the better you will become at it. You should spend time outside of the classroom and outside of your homework time writing essays. The better you do in your essays throughout the year, the higher you can expect your final grade to be because every essay that you write and every grade that you get goes towards your final essay. This is why is it essential that you put your best efforts forward with each essay that you write.